Clients are the holy grail of any particular agency. With the high demands of digital services during this pandemic era, clients will ensure that they receive the best possible results that would bring significant benefit to the organization in order to sustain. 

In some situations, agencies may go through a rough patch of working extra hours in order to get the business running for the clients especially in times of the movement restrictions order. 

This often leads to internal conflict from the agency’s side and highlights the importance of a well managed client relationship. 

Before we equip ourselves with all the knowledge on ways to deal with clients, let us have a look and identify the types of clients we are working with in the agency. 

Types of common client encounters: 

Clients who requires colleagues assistance 

The first type of client is someone who will finalize any decisions during a meeting until he or she consults with a colleague. This substantially leads to delays and dateline extensions. 

Clients who claims to have deeper digital knowledge than agencies 

This particular client will frequently make sure that the direction is based on his or her personal criteria which may lead to an imbalance of what needs to be achieved from the project. 

Client who don’t understand the technicality side of the project 

Declaring that everything is simple may be one of the common traits for clients who are not familiar in terms of technical aspects. 

Clients who demands for immediate submission 

Managing more than one client has been a task for all employees at an agency which clients may or may not know on the type of urgency that they are demanding. 


  1. Remain calm and composed 

Showcasing that you are in control of the situation speaks tremendous volume on your reputation. In any given situation, it proves that you do not react with emotion and that you are aware of what is taking place. This allows you to think carefully in order to provide a solution. 

  1. Listen to their concerns

Your clients will always be fully concerned about the impact and results for the good of the company which may trigger them to question things from the other end. As an agency, it requires us to see the bigger picture and be ahead of our clients. The first thing you can do is to listen carefully to things that they are most concerned about regarding the project and assure them that it will be resolved from your end. 

  1. Prompt reply 

As the saying goes, time is money. An immediate reply to the client after a certain issue is raised enables you to mend things accordingly without flipping any marbles off the table. This is also to ensure that you have straightened out your priorities with your client in order to assist the client and cater to their needs. 

  1. Find out what happened

The clear answer for a slight hiccup for a given project is to figure out what happened. This is the responsibility of an agency to be ahead of things and to get back on track. This is the phase where we will communicate with the client and be transparent to ensure a mutual understanding that the project is going in the right direction. 

  1. Offer the best solution 

The final outcome when dealing with clients is analyzing the root of the issue and finding a way to solve it without any conflict. Communication is really important in this matter and any slight breakdown will cause a massive stir. In this case, if you are at fault, own up to it and show the client how the things will be amended and delivered back on track. On the other hand, if the client is wrong, point out respectfully on the issue and offer the best solution. 

In conclusion, managing a client is not an easy task and it may take a while to get used to. On top of that, a stable agency and client relationship helps to sustain a business and provide benefits to both parties. 

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