The emergence of the global pandemic has severely impacted the economic growth globally. With numerous countries enforcing total lockdown, this has since poses an urgent problem that requires crucial solution to recover the losses. It has been evident that the struggles of daily citizens has been creating top headlines especially for job seekers. But despite the downfall economic gloom, there is still a silver lining - the rise of eCommerce has been taken to further heights since the imposed of restrictions the previous year.


The existence of the internet has been capable of producing wonders. ECommerce or electric commerce refers to transactions that is carried out in the internet. Every time an individual purchases or sell an item or services online, he or she is engaging in the activity of eCommerce. The term eCommerce also showcases other activities including online auctions, internet banking, payment gateways and online ticketing.


With the rapid influence of social media and other online tools, it is safe to say that individuals in this modern era are heavily engaged with the mobile device. This automatically leads to eCommerce being easily accessed by users. - A survey conducted by Shopee revealed that despite being fully employed, 35.4% turned to e-commerce as second-and-third-income sources.

The shifting of business from traditional media to digital has heavily influenced the growth of eCommerce use in the retail industry. Companies have began to implement online stores as an initiative to keep the business running during the surge of this pandemic. This has since been an essential that engages well with the customers that offers support and stability in the long run.

The restrictions in commuting has definitely played a role for industries to re-strategise their approach in business. With physical contact being the number one concern in today's world, people have begin to embrace online shopping as part of the new normal.


In conclusion, the pandemic has definitely took a toll in our everyday's life. The consequence of the impact has heavily influenced the aggressive growth of technology to accelerate the importance of digital transformation. With eCommerce, be set to grow your business with a retail experience like no other.

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