The emergence of social media during the late 90’s and early 2000’s has given a different approach to socialisation among teenagers and young adults. However, over the years social media has definitely taken a turn and has been used for various purposes apart from just meeting new people. With the rise of technology, social media can definitely be seen as one of the most effective business tools for brands. Furthermore, in the light of this pandemic, a lot of business owners tend to sustain their business while managing to reduce their spending. Thus, social media is seen as the right call. 

With free access to having a social media account that gives out a wide reach to engage with customers, a lot of businesses have decided to revert to online. But before you start to even register an account, let’s find out how you can build your brand through social media. 


Every brand carries their own identity that distinguishes them over the rest. This is the ideal time for you to reevaluate your brand identity in order to position it well among your customers. This is to ensure that your customers are well engaged and familiar with what your business has to offer. A brand personality allows the message of your brand to be conveyed effectively and provides a lasting impression that leads to significant awareness. 


Similar to the message of your brand, choosing the ideal platform is equally important! Knowing the fundamentals of what each social media platform is essential to determine the growth of your audience. Each platform provides a different and unique approach depending on which suits you the best for your services. For instance, if you would like to have a visual based approach, Instagram is the best option whereas if you would like to opt for a more descriptive approach for your brand, Facebook would be the best! 


Determining what type of post that goes well with your brand is one of the crucial things to take note of. Think of it as a subset or theme that represents your brand as a whole. Content pillars help you get clarity on your niche. That makes your planning for your social media content smoother and more organized! 


The timing for your post plays a significant role in reaching out to your audience at the right time. For most social media platforms, you can actually find out about the best posting based on the availability of your audience to be online. 


The rapid incline of social media use goes down to businesses being able to reduce the costing. However, an investment in social media gets you going on a long run. Engaging with influencers or paying for Facebook or Instagram ads creates an awareness that ignites the sales of your business and draws more attention among the society. 

In conclusion, utilising social media is seen as a way to move forward with the current pandemic situation in order to sustain businesses. Thankfully, social media is a tool that is designed to earn trust from the people and provides long-lasting satisfying results. 

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