You have your eyes glued onto the screen looking at your ads manager the first thing once you turn on your laptop. You're looking at the amount of conversions you get daily, leading to fleeting moments of satisfaction as a result from low purchases and poor CTR's. You start to question, did I target my audience correctly? Is my budget enough? did I set the right objectives? Yet it still yields less achievement.

Then you would start realizing the root of the cause of your underperformed campaigns You do not convey the essence of relatability through your target audience. These problems factored from lack of research in behavioral attributes, alongside too much focus on the product instead of brand experience. This is where user generated content steps in to swerve away from your ads continuously underperformed. But do not worry my digital generalists, because you can still improve your performance with these 4 intrinsic steps right here :


Your customers are your biggest fans. In recent times, social media saw an increase in monetization in regulating purchase activities from consumers at the expense of their own comfort space, given the ongoing pandemic prompting almost everyone to stay indoors. (unless if you're probably living in New Zealand).

Take a look at Bulk, a protein supplement brand that uses social proof to increment their own ecommerce sales.

Bulk was looking to take their eCommerce presence to the next level while expanding their global business model alongside in procuring a newer product line. Creating products in new categories appeal to different demographics, and they needed to ensure that their brand consistently aligns with their vision.

Bulk needed to ensure their eCommerce platform could handle the requirements that came with expansion, including multi-site operations and seamless integration with their ERP system. They turned to Magento specialist agency The Pixel, who migrated the brand from their existing bespoke solution.

To accelerate brand-building initiative and support their expansion efforts, The Pixel recommended a switch to Yotpo’s solutions for Reviews and Visual UGC, a move that enabled Bulk to tap into the power of authentic customer content on social, in emails, and onsite. As a company that sells nutritional products, Bulk is bound by the restrictions of the FDA, which scans their site on an almost daily basis for incorrect or misleading information. To protect their customers, Bulk wanted to leverage the power of social proof to let shoppers do the talking for them.

The result?

Implementing Yotpo Reviews has helped Bulk collect a staggering 200,000+ reviews across all domains and over 1,000 reviews per month, per domain. Magento Commerce Cloud and The Pixel gave Bulk the ability to cater to any level of demand on a global scale, with a 32% improvement in page load speed. These factors combined have helped Bulk achieve 30% YoY growth, as well as an impressive 150% uplift in average time onsite

What can we learn from it?

Encourage your customer base to share your product to instill confidence in buying your brand. UGC's not only proved to spread the word about your brand, but in can result in driving sales stemming from customers experience with the campaign.

Although its undeniable that hashtags have unlimited potential in creating brand visibility, it should not be your only arsenal that catapults your brand onto the map. Having FAQ oriented questions are essentially imperative to understand your customers behavior.


One day you decide to purchase a sports shoe from a website. You looked at the product & you have intentions in buying it because you thought it looks cool to flex around. The webpage then leads you to the "proceed to checkout page". You are about one click away but then something pops up in your head.

  • How long does the material last?
  • Is it comfortable?
  • Do their soles have robust grip?

Putting yourself in the customer's shoes allows you to digress every inch of their psychographic attributes. Therefore, UGC's may be able to answer all their questions.

You wouldn't need to put an unreasonable amount of effort to email your brand about questions once you have purchased your product. As a customer, you would have all the answers in hand by hopping onto their social media.


As always, visuals plays an important role in making people click through your ads, alongside a targeted audience. The creme of the crop, however lies within the entire customer experience. Making your customers involve in competitions, polls and other campaigns is a great way to grip retention and give customers a sense of engagement and belonging.


We should take a look with Toyota, launching the #FeelingtheStreet campaign. the campaign gave customers six weeks to submit and vote for their favorite street performers; then, Toyota toured the country with the winners that the audience had chosen. Toyota then chooses its winners by touring across the country.

The Result?

Toyota yields 440% of increase in campaign performance compared to last year. The six week campaign amassed 1.2 million engagements (likes, comments, shares) against a target of 800,000.


“At the end of the day, we view UGC as a community-building tool. Rewarding your super-fans for posting about your brand encourages others to do the same.” There’s a dopamine hit when brands interact with their customers – think Wendy’s famously snarky Twitter account circa 2016 – this is even more true when brands feature photos or videos from their community.

Baumberger adds, “Even after all these years I still get excited when I see a brand repost my photo. There’s validation there – it’s a company I respect and admire taking my work and hanging it on the preverbal fridge.”


Applying UGC related strategies is a testament in increasing your ads conversions. UGC's resonate a strong sense of retention to keep your customers subscribed with your latest product offerings. Having a personalized approach not only grants marketers to feel connected with your customers, but warming a good response by the public to feel great about your brand.

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