In this era of global pandemic, online purchases has been the new normal for most online shoppers. With some physical retail stores being closed down during movement restrictions order, retailers will need to pivot their businesses online. According to Senior Forecast Analyst, Satish Meena, "traditional retailers are increasing the investment and engagement on online channels as this is something they can't ignore forever."

With that being said, how do businesses ensure that their business continues to grow without having users to break the bank to get their desired products? Hoolah is your answer!

Affordability is the key factor that influences the behaviour of your buyers which also sparks significant interest for them to purchase. Hoolah allows your buyers to carry out an online payment by paying 1/3 upfront with the remaining of the balance to be paid in the following month. To add on to that, no hidden fees and interest that will be charged to your payment!

With the total impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on businesses, Hoolah partnership is the ideal tool to drive your sales. According to Arvin Singh, Co-Founder of Hoolah, responsible affordability has been the motto for Hoolah since day one. The initiative taken is to ensure that your customers will not be in debt which develops their buying habit to purchase. New users have more stringent limitations on active orders to prevent buyers from overspending which ensures sustainability for both users and retailers.

In conclusion, a flexible paying option is vital in the current trying situation that we are in. The growing trend of Hoolah partnership has continued to deliver a positive impact for business to sustain and providing a new online shopping experience for users.

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