Orius Digital is proud to announce that we have officially established a partnership with senangPay, an online payment gateway that accepts payments for online transactions through credit card, debit card as well as internet banking. 

           In conjunction with the Belanjawan 2021 initiative, a one year subscription was given for any selected SenangPay package which brings in tremendous benefits for business owners. Orius Digital sees this partnership as a golden opportunity to optimise our plans for eCommerce development.

           Over the years, SenangPay has been providing business owners with the proper tools needed for their payment gateway. To highlight the importance of having a payment gateway, SenangPay is engineered to elevate the customer online shopping experience. We are more thrilled than ever to present this solution to our existing clients and prospects with absolute reliability, affordability and secured payment for merchants and customers.

           As an eCommerce agency, we look for the best tools to support our clients' business which leads us to carefully identify the features that suit well with what we look for. Here are some of the key factors that we opt for SenangPay. 


One common thing that any business owners would strongly avoid is any misconduct regarding payments. An approval from Bank Negara shows that it has been registered and sets the bar for being a reliable and trusted source for your payment gateway needs. 


In the business of eCommerce, payment option has got to be one of the most influential factor in your business. Customers will normally have more than one payment option according to their own preference. At the end of the day, customers should be getting a hassle free experience to complete their payment with multiple options to choose from. 


Another crucial part in carrying out a business in eCommerce. An efficient customer support ensures a stable relationship between the customer and the business. A payment gateway works similarly like a bank, with the issue needing to be attended to immediately. 

“As a Malaysian, we are more than glad to be partnering with SenangPay and at the same time be proud with a local partnership that sustains our clients ecommerce business with significant affordability. We believe in supporting the growth of local business especially during this trying times.” commented Orius Digital’s CEO, Azahin Nordin.  

If you are interested in using SenangPay for your eCommerce business, feel free to contact us! 

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