As a company running its own ecommerce business, choosing the ideal platform is vital to ensure the sustainability and long-term growth of your establishment. The grand debate between Woocommerce and Shopify goes down to a subjective matter on choosing which tool is the best pick. There are plenty of business owners with the same dilemma in choosing to opt for either two of these platforms. 

To put it into simpler words, Woocommerce and Shopify are two of the most well-known and tech-friendly platforms available for use. With two of the best choices on the charts, it is hardly possible to determine the best solution for your eCommerce store. The merits and benefits of both of these tools have to be carefully considered before you reach the final conclusion. To help you choose, we will be looking closely on the features that each platform has to offer. 

For starters, Shopify provides you with all the tools needed for a solid premium platform in which it is both reliable and easy to manage. With amazing customer support and creative templates that suit your eCommerce needs. 

As for Woocommerce, it is an eCommerce plugin that turns Wordpress to a powerful online store that offers an open source platform with free installation that fits the bills for any business owners who are concerned with cost. 



Hosted software- Shopify comes with hosting and security that enables you to set up without the need to carry out any coding

24/7 support- Issues from customers will be easily resolved immediately to ensure stable relationship 

Multichannel integration- Comes with a built in feature to enable business owners to sell at platforms like Amazon, Ebay. 

Scalable - For a premium experience, business owners are able to upgrade to SHopify Plus


Open source platform- A limitless customization that allows you to customize your store according to your preference. 

Scalable- A flexibility that allows you to maneuver around that feeds your ecommerce needs. 

Cost effective- Free installation with affordable extensions. 



Transaction fees - Shopify utilises its own transaction fee.

Cost can quickly go up -  When you require a certain feature, you may need to subscribe to shopify apps to achieve your requirements. 


May require technical skills - Without any coding knowledge, it will be difficult to adapt

Self Hosted Platform  - Setting & managing up your own hosting could be a hassle and time consuming. 


In general, when a user is trying to familiarize themselves with any technical tool, it should require them a minimal knowledge to get by. This is to ensure that the platform is user friendly for beginners. 

In this case, Woocommerce requires more understanding and knowledge as compared to Shopify. Known as a hosted ecommerce platform, Shopify users will not have to worry much on the technical aspects such as the domain name and hosting as it is being taken care of. 

Woocommerce on the other hand, there is work to fully utilise the platform which includes sourcing your own web and setting up your own hosting. 


Time efficient wise, Shopify will get your online store live in a jiffy. For any users who are starting from scratch with limited technical experience, you would want to opt for Shopify when setting up. Woocommerce is more targeted to business owners who are not looking to gain massive sales immediately. One distinctive feature of Woocommerce is that it allows you to build your online store based on your own creativity and preferences with the help of experts in the field. 


For the best user experience, installing apps and plugins allows your online store to have more functionality which includes the likes of shipping, SEO and marketing. Woocommerce is an open-source platform, it heavily depends on plugins with around 50 000 to choose from without any limitations compared to Shopify. 


The level of security has been the main concern for business owners as the website holds confidential information of customers which needs to be protected. Shopify provides a more secure platform as it handles the security breaches and prevents any forms of hacking whereas Woocommerce is self-hosted and does not come with any built-in security. 

In conclusion, your options should rely heavily on the current objectives that you are trying to achieve. Both are remarkable platforms to be utilised and it should highly reflect on what your online store needs. 

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