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An eCommerce experience as crafted as their products


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Home to the most iconic and influential labels and brands in music.

The world’s leading music company. In everything they do, they are committed to artistry, innovation  and entrepreneurship. They own and operate a broad array of businesses engaged in recorded music, music publishing, merchandising, and audiovisual content in more than 60 countries.


Understanding each product and convert the ideology and purpose of it into an artwork. This conveys each product such as single  or an album into a publishing an artwork to show branding and self identify. The concept behind each and every single artwork  is closely ideate with the team and the artist. Release collaterals will be printed and digitally push out on online platform branding the artist and the music label.

*Illustration/Artwork above is for display purpose only. Some may varies from the final released product.


Hyping up the latest product from each artist, pushing out countdowns and release date as a mark for fanbase follow up. Collaterals were discuss throughly, dividing production, marketing and artist management team to help out making all the collaterals up and running before the release date of the final product.


Besides strategizing and creating collaterals for artist, we create social contents for  Universal Music Malaysia (Domestic) social media platforms. Pushing out each new content  daily with the label branding on wishing and annoucing latest artist updates. Working together  with the Domestic Marketing team to lay out all the collaterals releasing date.


The label invests a lot in their artist’s products through social media ads and music platforms ads. Creating ads collaterals with precision  mandate to the regulation on each platforms is huge to maximize the effectiveness of each ads. The ideation for each collaterals relateable to the cover art and the artist brand.

The Results






An eCommerce experience as crafted as their products


An eCommerce experience as crafted as their products