Maybank Trade




UI/UX Design, Research, Project Management, Usability Testing

Maybank Trade is a mobile app designed to empower investors and traders of all experience levels by providing them with a comprehensive suite of tools to manage their portfolios, access real-time market data, and make informed investment decisions on the go.

Trade Simple

Start trading securely on an intuitive, all-in-one

Trade Smart

Stay up to spend using real-time market tools and make informed decisions with award-winning, data-backed insights*.

Trade Seamlessly

Customise your dashboard and stock watchlist for a personalised experience

Research and Discovery

User Research

To ensure a user-centered approach, we conducted user interviews to gain deeper insights into the needs, behaviors, and pain points of investors and traders.

Desk Research

We performed comprehensive desk research, analyzing existing trading platforms and identifying best practices in areas. This helped us identify opportunities for innovation.

Data Analysis

The Design team conducted an in-depth review of the data, analysing various metrics and indicators to gain insights into user behaviours, preferences, and pain points.

Research Key Insights

We conducted a user research to understand the user pain points and needs in order to come up with the finalised features to be included in the app.


When it comes to the dashboard, users found it helpful to have the customisation feature that offers flexibility on the dashboard.

Deposit Process

Users valued simple steps when it comes to deposit process and wished to know where the money came from saving account or trading account.


Users loved the idea of receiving the receipt with detailed information being laid-out for transparency.


For portfolio, users preferred to see the charts in real-time updates.

Agile Methodology

Sprint Agile

In our design workflow, we adhere to the principles of Sprint Agile, organising our tasks into short, focused iterations known as sprints.

2 Weeks

Each sprint typically spans two weeks, during which we tackle specific design challenges, prototype new features, and gather feedback for iteration.


Daily stand-up meetings (every Monday to Friday) keep the design team synchronised and address any design-related issues or blockers.

In close collaboration with Maybank product owners, we engaged in brainstorming sessions to refine the initial feature list. This process involved prioritising features based on user insights, business goals, and technical feasibility.

Design System

In developing the design system for the Maybank Trade app, we employed a systematic approach based on the principles of atomic design, organising design elements into.


We began by breaking down the app's UI into its atomic elements, identifying and defining the core atoms that would serve as the foundation of the design system.


Next, we combined atoms to create molecules, carefully considering their relationships and interactions to ensure consistency and coherence in design.


Once molecules were defined, we assembled them into organisms, building larger UI components and layouts that represent key features and functionalities of the app.

Winning Awards

Creativity recognized. Innovation rewarded. See how our award-winning work for Maybank Trade is setting new industry standards.

Best Mobile Trading App in Malaysia

18th Annual Financial Institution (FI) Awards

It has 22 trade finance centers, nationwide experts, and a centralized processing center, ensuring same-day delivery and processing documents within one to three hours.